Monday, January 25, 2010

My First Week Returning to School!

I returned this past week to the University of Tennessee at Martin to complete the second semester of my Junior year of college! It started off somewhat rocky because I woke up on Tuesday morning with flu-like symptoms so to the doctor I went! I can proudly say I am "over the weather" and feeling much better! I am fortunate enough to be able to take my second public speaking course this year and to my surprise today I had to give my first speech! It was my first class for public speaking that I attended, so I had absolutely no idea that I would be having to deliver a speech that I had not prepared for. I think this was the professors idea of "welcoming" us to the world of speech. I happened to have my MAO local titleholder crown close-by so I talked about how courses on speech are vital and instrumental to young ladies that are interested in the job of Miss Tennessee and Miss America. I stressed the importance of being able to relate to your audience whether it be young or old. You have to be able to stoop down and get in the "adult" mind-set of a child to be able to present your point in a way that they will understand the information they were just presented with. That being said I would like to extend a good luck and well wishes to Stefanie Wittler, Miss Tennessee, while she is in Las Vegas working hard to bring home Tennessee a Miss America Crown. Congratulations on being named a Quality of Life finalist! I will be headed to Nashville this weekend for our Miss America viewing party and an event that Johnny D. and I will be attending afterward raising money for a Children's Miracle Network hospital. It will be a weekend filled with pageants, working out, and more preparations! June isn't very far away and I cannot wait to compete for the Miss Tennessee crown!

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